Wanted: app dev skills

According to management consultancy Foote Partners, average compensation for certified and uncertified programmers is on the rise—and there’s a chance that the best is still to come, as enterprise CIOs shift their focus from compliance requirements back to innovation.

According to new IT pay research from Foote, premium pay for non-certified applications development skills increased by 17.6 percent from last October to October 1 of this year. Although certified application developers haven’t fared quite so well, they’ve experienced a not-insignificant increase of their own; pay for their skills is up 13.2 percent for the same period.

Uncertified and certified application developers fared better than other IT pros. In fact, overall premium pay for 94 noncertified skills surveyed in Foote’s survey of 50,000 IT professionals in 1,820 North American companies grew by 9.9 percent in the same October-to-October period. Pay for 95 certified tech skills also rose by 7.9 percent in the last year.

So which app dev skills are most in demand? Over the next 12 months, programmers with EAI, .NET, Web application, ERP or CRM development skills should be highly sought.