Build apps using Structs and Nodes environment

SANDev has released the first production version of SANDev 1.0.0. According to the project's sponsors, SANDev is an open-source build environment for apps written in SAND, a form of message-oriented modeling and development that declares application data (structs) and application processing components (nodes) as Java classes supplemented with custom javadoc tags.

The project sponsors explain SANDev provides:

A dependency-tracking modular two-stage build (code generation followed by the standard compile/package/doc).
A deployment configuration tool, allowing definition of global settings, bootstrap data, application module communications and node params.
A user interface definition editing tool, allowing definition of screens, forms, links, actions and values.
Default templates for Web interface look and feel which can be easily customized or replaced.

New features for this release, according to the project's sponsors, include:

Support for hot deploy
New project setup script
Improved documentation on how to get started