Compuware releases upgrades to its enterprise-wide quality-management software

Compuware released on Tuesday enhancements to its app, The Compuware Application Reliability Solution, and Compuware QACenter Enterprise Edition. These new releases support centralized test asset repositories, decentralized test management, collaboration-enhanced requirements analysis and optimized testing. In addition, CARS has been integrated with Compuware's IT governance and management solution, Changepoint, to provide senior IT management with an integrated view of project status and quality.

"Investing in quality is imperative. With more than half of all software projects considered failed or challenged, and with support costs for defective software running as high as 50 percent of the total development cost, companies must invest in quality, even if they don't have the resources or the culture for a full quality-assurance (QA) initiative," writes Margo Visitacion, an analyst at Forrester Research.

New in both CARS 5.1 and QACenter Enterprise Edition 5.1 is the capability to support an enterprise-wide quality-management environment. Compuware has Web-enabled the test-management functionality in CARS and QACenter, adding support for geographically distributed QA teams and simplifying use. Users can now access commonly used test-management functionality from a Web browser, allowing them to create test plans that align testing objectives with business requirements, to create and manage manual test scripts, to schedule and manage test execution of manual and automated assets, and to review test results, all from a Web browser. All Web functionality is exposed through the CARS workbench and the QACenter portal.