Apache Software Foundation releases Maven 2.0 and Continuum 1.0

Apache Maven 2.0 and Continuum 1.0, the fastest-growing build system for Java-based projects, are now generally available, according to the Apache Software Foundation.

Maven 2.0 is based on a unified Project Object Model (POM) architecture, which consists of metadata describing clear, consistent phases for building projects. Maven 2.0 offers a plug-in environment that provides an extensible development framework to support multiple languages for total re-usability across projects. It also features new software "DNA" mapping to track and manage transitive build dependencies across repositories.

Continuum 1.0 enables continuous integration by both automating the testing and packaging phases of the software build, and providing reports on build status, including success, failure and unit test coverage.

Together, the products deliver declarative build, dependency management, documentation creation, site publication and distribution capabilities to enable project visibility and management. For more info, visit