Red Hat supports certification and production for software stacks

Red Hat said on Tuesday that it has launched a new service to provide certification and production support for open-source software stacks. Starting early next year, Red Hat will offer three new stacks aimed at simplifying and standardizing open-source application stacks so developers can focus on their apps instead of configuring the underlying platform. Each stack will be certified and supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and delivered in a subscription model.

Red Hat initially is offering support for three stacks of popular open-source components: Web Application Stack for simple Web sites and apps; Java Web Application Stack for more dynamic Web applications; and Enterprise Java Stack for all components of the Java Web Application Stack plus support for a full Java application server based on ObjectWeb's J2EE-certified JOnAS project (already available as Red Hat Application Server).

The Red Hat-certified stacks for dynamic Web application development and deployment will be available in the first quarter of 2006. Subscription pricing will start at $599 per server. For more information visit: