Fujitsu introduces Interstage Business Process Manager Studio

On Tuesday, Fujitsu Software announced the release of Interstage Business Process Manager Studio (IBPMS), a graphical process modeling studio.

IBPMS supports the newly ratified XML-based Process Definition Language (XPDL) 2.0 standard. XPDL 2.0 is the only format that supports process models based on Business Process Modeling Notations (BPMN), enhancing collaboration and interoperability across an enterprise's extended network.

"A strong business process management suite provides a very rich, multi-level modeling environment supporting business and IT collaboration for process designs and policy management," says Jim Sinur, VP and analyst at Gartner. "The ability to depict activities, from the highest level of abstraction down to the detailed technological implementation needs, makes a multilevel business model an important ingredient in any business process effort. Increasingly, vendors and enterprises are choosing BPMN as the standard notation for building these models."

Fujitsu says it also has made it easier for business analysts to model processes by implementing an interface with the look-and-feel of Microsoft Visio's business drawing and diagramming solution. By basing the modeler on Eclipse, IT professionals use a familiar development environment that offers access to advanced functionality to rapidly put business processes into operation, the company says.

IBPMS is available on a trial basis at no cost. Visit for more info.