Sonic Software delivers its idea of an enterprise service bus

Sonic Software on Monday introduced its technical definition of the enterprise service bus, a product it has been selling for some time. "Sonic ESB: An Architecture and Lifecycle Definition" examines the core capabilities and usage of an ESB, from development to production.

The company released the definition to explain the major architectural components of Sonic's ESB. It employs more than 20 UML class and object diagrams to depict the structure and show examples of how the ESB is built and operates. The text was written to educate architects about the inner workings of an ESB. The appendix includes a complete class diagram and a 100-term glossary as a reference model and vocabulary for the industry to use as organizations build out their ESB strategies.

"This reference model will help anyone interested in SOA infrastructure by providing a precise vocabulary and structural definition of an ESB that has been field proven in over 250 live customer deployments," claims Hub Vandervoort, the company's CTO. "This definition permits them to clearly understand the key distinguishing architectural characteristics of an ESB, and how these properties provide a superior platform for distributed, service-oriented computing. It's time for fuzzy thinking about enterprise service buses to be replaced with a precise definition that allows the industry to separate fractional ESBs from the real thing."

The definition is available at