Software AG proposes to deliver rich Internet apps using AJAX

On Tuesday, Software AG said its Composite Application Integrator (CAI), a design and runtime environment for combining Web services into rich composite Internet apps, now supports Google maps. The company claims CAI is the first product based on AJAX to include a Google maps control.

CAI enables organizations that develop composite applications to incorporate services from Google maps, integrate existing apps and exchange information with Google maps—thus reducing time to market. This seamless interaction with Google maps is only one of more than 80 AJAX UI controls shipped with CAI, the company says.

"AJAX UI controls allow organizations to build composite rich applications with incredible speed," asserts Dr. Peter Kuerpick, member of the board, Software AG. "We are establishing a open collaborative community to create a comprehensive library of innovative controls, providing even richer functionality within weeks of the availability of new services, such as Google maps."

Software AG's CAI allows developers and architects to integrate existing apps and create new user interfaces, potentially reducing the effort needed to implement an SOA, according to the company. Using CAI, applications developed using any application development tool (such as Java, Natural or COBOL)—once made available as a Web service—can be combined across the Web with Google maps into a single intelligent user interface. Composite Application Integrator can be downloaded as a 30-day evaluation copy or purchased at