TippingPoint Launches Intrusion Prevention System

TippingPoint, a division of 3Com, launched on Monday, TippingPoint X505, an integrated security platform built on intrusion prevention system technology. IPS combines a stateful inspection firewall, IPSec VPN, bandwidth management, Web content filtering and dynamic routing.

The new platform will replace “at least” an IDS, a VLAN-capable switch and a firewall on his network, says Jeff Crawford, manager of networking and security at East Grand Rapids Public Schools in Michigan.

Yankee Group analyst Chris Liebert says: "Intrusion Prevention Systems add intelligence into the network with the ability to inspect traffic through Layer 7, classify it and take action according to policy, as well as the capability for automatic, preemptive threat protection through an update service. The TippingPoint X505 demonstrates the broader trend toward IPS as today's 'must-have' security solution, with firewalls becoming a feature of IPS."

The underlying architecture of TippingPoint X505 is the company’s IPS, which blocks worms, viruses, Trojans, Denial of Service attacks, spyware and other attacks. In addition to the IPS capabilities, TippingPoint X505 is unique in that it is regularly updated with preemptive vulnerability and zero-day threat protection through the TippingPoint Digital Vaccine service, the service that updates all TippingPoint devices.

TippingPoint X505 will be generally available worldwide in December. For more information, click here.