On Track with Seapine’s Defect and Management Software

Seapine Software announced last week the availability of TestTrack Pro 7.5, a new version of the defect tracking and issue management software, featuring cross-platform user and administrator clients, full Unicode character support and expanded workflow functionality.

Flexibility remains the focus with TestTrack Pro as it addresses the need for increased language support and platform compatibility within defect tracking software, the company says. With Unicode, TestTrack Pro is able to recognize international characters and allows users to work in their preferred language. Additionally, new cross-platform GUI clients give users the ability to access TestTrack Pro from Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris.

TestTrack Pro’s customizable workflow has also been enhanced, according to the company. TestTrack Pro can now require users to enter electronic signatures for events, allowing for single client defect assignments and easier defect transition into sub-workflows.

TestTrack Pro also now offers automatic software update notifications, expanded Oracle OCI support, and enhanced file and graphics handling capabilities.

TestTrack Pro 7.5 is available now; pricing begins at $295.00 for a named license. For more information, go to Seapine.

About the Author

Jamison Cush is assistant editor at Application Development Trends magazine.