Sun Enhances Java with SOA Governance and OS Support

Sun Microsystems on Monday said it has integrated Java Enterprise Systems (Java ES) and its suite of developer tools within the Solaris OS to provide developers a complete, open and affordable software solution.

In addition, Sun released the newest version of Java ES (release 4), which now supports Solaris 10 OS, Windows 2000, Linux and HP-UX. Additional support for Windows 2003 is expected within the next 90 days and will ship with all future Java ES releases, the company says. Sun is also bringing enhanced SOA capabilities and a developer solution to Java ES for $140 per employee per year.

The enhancements made to Java ES address SOA governance with the addition of a new service registry, supporting ebXML and UDDI standards, enabling subscribers to publish, govern and reuse Web services and related data based on two standards, Sun says. In addition, the latest version of Sun's Access Manager (version 7) is included in this upgrade, marking a significant contribution to Sun's overall SOA strategy by including new governance and federation capabilities, improved distributed authentication, and complete life-cycle management of web services and applications, according to Sun.

The newest release of Java ES also includes a complete developer solution that allows users to develop, test and deploy applications with pre-configured tools and runtime infrastructure. The soon-to-be-released Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 will aid in increasing productivity among developers with a set of comprehensive features. More details on the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 and the benefits it will bring to Java ES subscribers will be announced within the next 30 days.

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