ObjectWeb’s Petal’s Project Blooms

ObjectWeb, an international nonprofit consortium of companies and research organizations, yesterday announced Petals, a project aimed at developing an ObjectWeb Java Business Integration (JBI) platform. The project will target highly distributed integration environments with an implementation of JSR208 (JBI) specifications.

The Petals services platform extends ObjectWeb’s ESB initiative with a JBI container as a core element to build standard-based integration solutions. Built on top of Celtix, the project adopts a highly distributed integration approach, in which many JBI containers running on different Java Virtual Machines achieve location transparency via a JMS-based transport layer.

In a next step, ObjectWeb expects the platform to provide specialized B2B bindings enabling organizations to expand their information systems beyond their physical and business boundaries.

The development team expects to deliver a first JBI platform by the end of the year. A first prototype is available on ObjectWeb's Web site. It embeds JORAM, a message-oriented middleware for JMS support. Petals also targets integration with JOnAS, a J2EE 1.4 compliant enterprise application server from ObjectWeb.

A medium-term goal of the Petals project is to leverage Fractal and Dream, a component model and a component-based communication framework that addresses highly distributed approaches.