Siebel Intro Self-Assessment Tool for Customer Experience Blueprint

Siebel Systems announced on Monday a new online self-assessment tool intended to guide organizations in determining their preparedness to complete stages of the Siebel Customer Experience Blueprint.

CEB is a six-step process that Siebel recommends businesses follow for front-office solutions, notably CRM.

The CEB underlies Siebel's new Customer Adaptive Applications Strategy and Architecture, which the company also announced on Monday, and is intended to assist orgs to better understand and adapt to the changing business requirements of their customers.

At each stage of the blueprint, are checklist items, or activities that customers should complete before a project can proceed to the next stage. These checklists help orgs determine where they are in the blueprint life cycle. By using these checklists to guide their progress, organizations will minimize the risks associated with implementing their customer-facing solution, Siebel says.

More information about the CEB and the Self-Assessment Tool is available at Siebel Systems.

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