Fair Isaac Snags RulesPower to Boost Rules Capability

Fair Isaac this week acquired RulesPower to complement Fair Isaac’s Blaze Advisor rules management system.

RulesPower’s Logic Server helps companies manage large amounts of data and ensure compliance with governance rules. The software is used to compare business processes based on predefined rules ranking priorities.

Fair Isaac will integrate RulesPower’s Logic Server software into Blaze Advisor to help organizations process and execute complex, high-volume business rules faster and more efficiently. RulesPower’s software is expected to enhance the performance in other Fair Isaac products, including Falcon Fraud Manager, Falcon ID and Capstone Decision Accelerator, which Blaze Advisor is embedded in.

The company also bought RulesPower’s Relational Logic Technology, a set of error-checking and debugging tools, and will also be implemented into Blaze Advisor. It detects dependencies and relationships between rules and workflows, as well as cross checks across both business rules and workflows. The tools perform consistency checking and impact analysis, and identify gaps in business policies. RLT also identifies and corrects mistakes, such as rule conflicts, collisions and ambiguities.

“Our acquisition of RulesPower technology is another investment in optimizing the value our customers can realize using Blaze Advisor and many other Fair Isaac solutions,” says Mark Layden, Fair Isaac’s VP and general manager of enterprise decision management software. “We believe that integrating RulesPower’s proprietary innovations will make Blaze Advisor even more compelling and valuable to businesses across industries.”

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.