Wily Intros Upgrade of its Web App Monitoring Solution

Wily Technology has released Wily 6, a solution for monitoring the availability and performance of Web applications as they cross from browser to backend. Wily 6 is a platform-independent app management solution that supports leading J2EE-compliant platforms such as IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic and SAP NetWeaver.

Wily 6’s new features include Introscope ErrorDetector, a solution for detecting and diagnosising application errors that can prevent users from completing Web transactions; expanded capabilities to monitor IBM WebSphere MQ; and deployment and usability enhancements to Wily's Introscope product.

Wily 6 also includes Introscope PowerPack, which permits monitoring of IBM WebSphere MQ as well as the connectors to the Java applications MQ supports, enabling correlation of application and messaging infrastructure performance, the company says. By isolating specific bottlenecks that occur within the messaging infrastructure, the PowerPack allows IT staff to quickly capture and route information about performance issues in any MQ-connected application to the appropriate MQ administrator for rapid resolution.

Pricing for Introscope 6 begins at U.S. $6,250 per CPU for distributed systems. For more information, visit Wily Tech.