Sybase Launches Beta Versions of its App Dev Tools

At the Sybase Techwave 2005 Conference this week, Sybase unveiled the beta versions of PowerBuilder 10.5, PowerDesigner 12, PocketBuilder 2.0.3 and DataWindow .NET 2.0, which it says will enable developers to rapidly design, develop and deploy apps.

The new releases of DataWindow .NET and PowerBuilder is another step in Sybase’s product strategy to move toward tighter integration with .NET and to continue to enhance the core functionality and add new technology to PowerBuilder.

For example, DataWindow.NET’s Active Data Objects support will allow developers to leverage the presentation capabilities of the DataWindow against .NET datasets and datatables. It will also offer additional features for the Web DataWindow, ADO .NET 2.0 support, as well as support for Visual Studio 2005. PowerBuilder 10.5 will enable developers to use build applications with updated user interface features, and will include enhancements to PowerScrip and PowerBuilder Native Interface (PBNI) extensions. It will also have updated RDBMS support for Oracle and Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 databases.

The latest version of Sybase PocketBuilder supports Magento, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 software platform.

The latest version of Sybase PowerDesigner, version 12, features a new data-mapping editor, support for new RDBMS techniques, UML 2.0 support, Business Process Modeling Notation support, a new report writer and usability enhancements. PowerDesigner 12 also enhances ERwin import capabilities, making migration easier than before.

Sybase DataWindows.NET is scheduled for general availability in Q1 2006, and beta will begin in November 2005. Both Sybase PowerBuilder 10.5 and Sybase PowerDesigner 12 have just begun beta, and Sybase says they will be generally available in Q1 2006. Sybase PocketBuilder 2.0.3 is scheduled for general availability in November 2005. For more information, visit Sybase.