Software to Cloak Code from View of Bad Guys

Cloakware has expanded language support for its Cloakware Security Suite to include C, C++ and Java, extending the range of code that can be protected from reverse engineering when the software is stored on a disk, and against tampering when the software is stored on disk or running in memory. The company says it is also planning to deliver similar security techniques for Java-based software by the end of 2005.

The Cloakware Security Suite is a collection of automated tools and techniques that enables developers to protect their code by concealing proprietary algorithms and secrets, including cryptographic keys, embedded in the software. This protection is built in during development so that it is inseparable from the software, making it far more effective than products that are added on after the application is developed or perimeter-based security offerings, the company claims. In addition, security can be re-enforced by layering on multiple techniques from the many available in the suite. Protection can be customized to the client level by creating instances of the application that are structurally different but functionally identical, to prevent automated attacks and direct-access attacks based on differential analysis of software.