Consumers Fly Through Checkout with PayPilot

Accelitec, a transaction management systems provider, has unveiled PayPilot, an end-to-end RFID payment system. Using Automated Clearing House’s credit and prepay systems, PayPilot allows for faster, more secure, and convenient payment methods, while reducing interchange transaction costs and giving retailers greater control, Accelitec says.

The PayPilot system consists of three hardware components with supporting back-end and transaction software. Consumers register for a PayPilot transponder (a key card similar to a supermarket loyalty card) at a PayPilot kiosk located at the point of purchase. The shopper presents the RFID-enabled card at checkout to a POS transponder for authentication and security. The transaction is completed based on variables predetermined by the consumer. Back-end transaction software enables consumers to use Automated Clearing House for payment rather than more expensive credit cards.

The PayPilot network operates on a Microsoft .NET platform, which makes possible real-time system changes and upgrades without system interruption, Accelitec says.

PayPilot is suited for high-volume retail environments, including supermarkets, gas stations and fast-food restaurants, according to the company. Point-of-purchase terminals are priced in the sub-$100 range. Accelitec charges a per-transaction fee at competitive or below market rates, the company says.

About the Author

Jamison Cush is assistant editor at Application Development Trends magazine.