SPSS Revamps Its Flagship Stat Software

SPSS, a predictive analytics software provider, has unveiled what it says is a significantly enhanced version of SPSS 14.0, its flagship statistical software package.

SPSS 14.0 features enhanced data management and reporting capabilities, easier data validation, easier and more powerful forecasting, extended programming and expanded structural equation modeling options, the company says.

The new SPSS platform allows analytic developers to integrate their algorithms with the SPSS system and also gives application developers the ability to easily add predictive analytics to their applications, according to Jack Noonan, SPSS president and CEO.

"With the release of version 14, SPSS is clearly moving into the enterprise space,” says IDC's Dan Vesset, research director. “The algorithms added to SPSS 14.0 will enable organizations to deal with large amounts of data that are common in today's enterprises." The opening up of SPSS to third-party programming languages will help extend the reach of SPSS into the enterprise,” he adds.

According to Dr. Howard Barkan, research methodologist and biostatistician at Kaiser-Permanente, enterprises will save significant time with the new data-management capabilities; while enterprise-class organizations will be able to use the increased time series forecasting to improve their modeling and predictions, and the improved programmability to create programs and target the situations in which they are conducted.

Some of the new features are powerful data management; chart-building capabilities; an add-on module that streamlines the data validation process; an extension that enables third-party programming languages to control the flow of syntax job; and extended structural equation modeling options.

For more information on SPSS 14.0, visit SPSS.