IBM Releases an Upgrade for WebSphere

IBM today unveiled WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.0, which the company says delivers greater business value through effective use of an existing IT infrastructure, support for mixed workload and server types, support for new advanced data caching, and improvements in manageability and monitoring.

Built on WebSphere Extended Deployment V5.1, the new release extends three product functional areas: dynamic operations, high-perf computing and manageability, IBM says.

WebSphere EDV6 enables systems to support large volumes of diverse workloads more efficiently, based on the business value of these workloads, to avoid interfering with more critical tasks, IBM says.

WebSphere provides an infrastructure for extreme app performance, with advanced functionality delivered in partitioned transaction processing environments. EDV6 also eases management of Java resources while securing access to those resources and services. These capabilities allow an organization to ensure all IT resources are operating at full enablement according to the business needs—the cornerstone of a successful SOA deployment, IBM says.

WebSphere Extended Deployment extends the capabilities of WebSphere Application Server and the WebSphere platform, IBM’s SOA foundation. The features delivered with WEDV6 enable IT groups to implement a business grid for running apps in WebSphere. The technology is designed with self-managing and autonomic capabilities to help customers cope with IT scalability and performance challenges, while remaining cost effective, IBM says.

IBM will put WebSphere EDV6 into general availability August 30, 2005. It is currently available online.