Cape Clear Adds More Messaging Punch to ESB

Cape Clear Software recently updated its enterprise service bus, bolstering its messaging support and adding new features to its orchestration engine.

Cape Clear 6.1 now supports the WS-ReliableMessaging Web services standard, as well as HTTP, FTP and SMTP. The ESB, which is available now, has greater native support for Java Message Service products, including JBoss JMS, Oracle JMS, SonicMQ, WebLogic JMS and WebSphere MQ. It also ships with an optional integrated version of the JBoss JMS.

The company also enhanced its business process execution language engine. New features include a copy dialog that provides an interface business analysts can use to build XPath expressions in BPEL, as well as automatically generate process variables and drag-and-drop links. Administrators can now view and search processes on the basis of business or process data, helping to manage process flows easier.

Version 6.1 supports SAAJ 1.2 (SOAP with Attachments API for Java), a specification that allows Java developers to customize message processing in the ESB. It is available on IBM AIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP and Sun Solaris.

ZapThink’s Jason Bloomberg says Cape Clear’s additional messaging support, especially for JBoss JMS, moves its product closer to an actual ESB.

“Before this addition, we questioned whether it made sense for Cape Clear to call their product an ESB, as they only relied upon existing messaging transports as opposed to providing one of their own, Bloomberg says. “Now, however, they clearly offer an ESB. SOA implementations should enable companies to compose services into loosely coupled processes, so Cape Clear's ESB goes a long way to providing the infrastructure companies need to be successful with their SOA initiatives.”

About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.