Netutive to Introduce Automated BSM Solution

Netuitive will introduce next week a business service management (BSM) application that is the first to be self-learning, self-configuring and adaptive, according to Nick Sanna, the company’s CEO.

Netuitive Service Analyzer automatically learns the behavior patterns of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure and applications and can identify conditions that degrade performance and have a negative impact on business processes.

It’s powered by the company’s real-time analysis engine, a technology that is used by OEM customers BMC and NetIQ in their BSM products.

NSA collects data from any number of IT infrastructure performance and health monitoring applications across silos and sends a “trusted alarm” if a problem threatens to hinder service above a predetermined threshold. The application is able to predict the likelihood of a service problem’s occurrence up to 2 hours in advance, Sanna says.

System and network admins do not need to write event rules or correlation scripts and manually configure them, Sanna says. “The environment is dynamic, but the tools are not,” he says. “IT is unable to analyze, understand and respond to the thousands of false-positive system management applications send out.”

CIOs have been reluctant to deploy BSM solutions because they are complex to set up and the ROI is difficult to determine, Sanna says.

NSA reduces or eliminates false positives, enables faster problem diagnosis and consequently delivers an ROI payback within a few months, Sanna says. The savings come from a reduction in manpower needed to chase false positives and diagnose problems that may not even exist, he adds.

The product will be generally available September 1 with pricing starting at $75,000.