Panacya Releases Cure-All for E-Mail Problems

Panacya recently released BoxTone 2.0, which features end-to-end visibility into several e-mail environments, including Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, and BlackBerry, the company says. It builds models of complex e-mail flows, including SMTP, Outlook and Exchange, Exchange-to-Exchange and BlackBerry, within an enterprise and across external service providers. It also provides a console view of the multiple layers of an enterprise’s e-mail environment, including mail servers, firewalls, BlackBerry devices and wireless systems worldwide.

Features include organization, location and end-user views of e-mail performance, early-warning monitoring, remote data collection without agent deployment and management, and alerts via voice, images, pagers and e-mail.

The software calculates e-mail delivery by time of day and day of the week in BlackBerry, Outlook and other systems, as well as with more than 150 metrics underlying the e-mail flow, including Mobile Data Service and Attachment Service, Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory application metrics; server, network and firewall metrics; and RIM SRP and wireless provider performance.

If e-mail performances change from the learned normal range or exceed predefined SLAs on delivery time or availability, BoxTone issues alerts so IT staffers can drill down to find the problem, determine the root cause and correct it. Performance alerts and the health of the overall system are displayed in radar, mail-flow, events and analysis consoles.

BoxTone monitors BlackBerry performance and accessibility for specific users and user groups. For example, it can be configured to ensure users at off-site locations continually receive e-mail from their BlackBerry devices.

The software supports Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, NASD Investment Advisors Act and other compliance and regulatory requirements.

BoxTone 2.0 is available as a software license or as pre-packaged service appliance, in both standard availability and high availability. Pricing starts at $30,000.

About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.