Visual Numerics Adds More Muscle to JMSL Numerical Library

Visual Numerics is targeting financial, business intelligence, bioinformatics and life sciences companies that are seeking a framework for tailored analytical applications. The company recently introduced JMSL Numerical Library 3.0, a Java numerical analysis package for Java programmers.

JMSL 3.0 offers a collection of mathematical, statistical, financial and charting classes to enable enterprises to create customized applications for data mining and predictive analysis of complex data. According to Visual Numerics, the software works best for such applications as portfolio optimization, risk management, manufacturing yield analysis, and process control, as well as customer and market analysis.

The software includes neural network technology, intended to make it possible for businesses to create predictive models that fine-tune the forecasting accuracy over time. Companies extract information, such as historical cost data, and apply it to the neural network to forecast future costs for more accuracy.

The package also includes a heat map chart, which is used in life sciences to display 2-D arrays of color values. The heat map chart is designed to help analysts develop advanced numerical analysis applications in Java.

Other features include algorithms for pre- and post-processing data, replacing manual data processing implementations; hierarchical cluster analysis for classifying and analyzing data by computing a matrix of similarities or dissimilarities between a matrix’s columns and rows; and multiple linear regression and non-linear algorithms for creating predictive models by learning about relationships between independent or predictors variables against dependent on criterion variables. Regression, random number generator, optimization, and support for XML and data and time are some other functions.

JMSL Library 3.0 is platform independent, so it works with existing, standalone or networked applications. Pricing for one floating development seat is $3,495.

About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.