Java Users More Open-Minded about Open Source

Java users are more likely to use open-source software than non-Java users, according to research by Evans Data Corporation. The study reveals that 80 percent of heavy Java users (using Java more than 50 percent of the time) and 73 percent of light Java users (using Java less than 50 percent of the time) use open-source software for development.

Less than 45 percent of non-Java developers use open source.

In addition, 80 percent of Java users have more confidence in Linux for mission-critical applications, compared to less than 50 percent of non-Java users.

The study also provides insight into the overall enterprise adoption rate of Java. "Microsoft’s .NET has established a slight lead in the overall development space over Java, but we have found that the situation reverses in the enterprise space, with more development taking place in Java than in .NET, 60 to 56 percent respectively," claims Albion Butters, senior analyst at Evans Data.

The findings were presented by Evans Data COO John F. Andrews at JavaOne in San Francisco as part of his Birds of a Feather session, "Sorting Out Java Technology Fact from Java Technology Fiction: Trends, Adoption, Migrations, and Key Issues Facing the Developer Today and Tomorrow."

About the Author

Jamison Cush is assistant editor at Application Development Trends magazine.