Quest Says Developers Search for New Tools

Quest Software has introduced a new version of its JProbe Suite, a performance toolkit for Java code tuning. The new version is intended to help developers and QA teams diagnose and resolve complex memory and performance problems to find and fix problems faster in their J2EE and J2SE applications, the company says.

JProbe, which is part of Quest’s Application Performance Management Suite for the J2EE platform, consists of Profiler, which identifies method and line-level performance bottlenecks; Memory Debugger, which investigates memory leaks and garbage collection activity; Threadalyzer, which finds thread deadlocks, stalls and data-race collections; and Coverage, which measures code coverage after testing. The toolkit works with a company’s application servers, Web servers, IDE, JDK and operating system.

According to a Forrester Research survey, nearly one-third of 692 technology decision makers are dissatisfied with the time it takes their dev shops to deliver custom apps and with the quality of these applications.

JProbe Suite 6.0 offers new automation and reporting, a revamped user interface and new features to resolve complex memory and performance problems in critical Java and J2EE applications, according to Quest.

Quest says the improved automation and reporting features of JProbe enable developers to automatically analyze J2EE applications and create detailed reports, which ensures code quality and optimization.

New use case-based memory debugging diagnostics in this product help developers isolate and resolve memory leak and memory allocation problems, the company says. In addition, new class- and method-level performance metrics enable developers to blueprint their applications for automatic per-build performance measurement and tracking.

A new user interface features new tabbed windows to make navigation and J2EE configuration easier. JProbe Suite 6.0 will be available next month, starting at $2,000.

About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.