SOA Software and Oracle Hook Up for BPEL

SOA Software said today its SOA Software's Service Manager is now integrated with Oracle BPEL Process Manager and related products. SOA Software Service Manager enables enterprise to secure, monitor and manage XML and Web services applications and components across distributed enterprises and extranets.

The integration of Service Manager with Oracle BPEL Process Manager gives Oracle customers the benefits of an SOA by abstracting all the complexity of consuming Web services away from process tools while making it easier to implement end-to-end security, location transparency and SLA, SOA Software says. The company also is a Certified Advantage Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

"The SOA Software Service Manager provides an SOA extension of the Oracle BPEL products," says Amlan Debnath, vice president of server technologies for Oracle. "Integrating with the SOA Software Service Manager will allow our joint customers to easily move into Web services and SOA."

Business Process Execution Language is emerging as a standard for assembling disparate services into a complete process flow, reducing the cost and complexity of process integration initiatives. SOA Software's Service Manager complements the functionality of Oracle BPEL Process Manager by providing visibility into its Web services, transparency of Web service locations, security, load-balancing, routing, protocol transformation and version control which enable end-to-end security and management, the company says.

Oracle BPEL Process Manager allows for better integration with external applications, as well as monitoring of business processes within the enterprise. By using the SOA Software Service Manager, Oracle customers will have access to a solution that provides a scalable, flexible and standards-compliant platform for securing, monitoring and management of the Oracle BPEL Process Manager Web services.

According to the company: SOA Software Service Manager provides a standards-based alternative to hard-coding these features into each individual Web service used by Oracle BPEL Process Manager. In business activity monitoring, the SOA Software Service Manager extends the functionality of Oracle BPEL Process Manager by enabling its users to easily monitor activity at each Web service that supports a particular business process.

"By exposing hundreds of Web services to its broad customer base, Oracle has become a leading driver in the large-scale adoption of Web services--delivering the potential for dramatic cost and time savings to their user base," says Roberto Medrano, executive vice president of marketing for SOA Software. "Integrating the SOA Software Service Manager with Oracle BPEL Process Manager demonstrates SOA Software's commitment to helping major enterprises leverage their investment in Oracle technology as they fulfill their SOA strategies."