A Little Action on Java-ready Phones

Action Engine says it will make its Action Engine Mobile Application Platform and Brand-n-Go Mobile Applications Pack available on Java-enabled mobile phones.

The company’s MAP is based on the Mobile Data Services Architecture, which was designed to coordinate the client phone and server software, allowing MDSA devices to share content with other apps such as e-mail, messaging, contacts and calendars.

MDSA-enabled phones allows allow users to create queries, save the request and send it later. Results from the network can then be stored on the Java phone. 

Available in September, the Java version of Action Engine Mobile Application Platform will let wireless subscribers access news, weather, sports scores, driving directions and so on their Java phones using 80 percent fewer keystrokes and getting results 20 times faster than with the phone’s browser, the company claims. With the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform, a Java phone remembers a subscriber’s most recent requests, learns his or her preferences and usage patterns and then adapts over time to suit the subscriber’s needs.

  “Java is the most ubiquitous development platform for mobile applications,” says John Jackson, senior telecommunications analyst of the Yankee Group in Boston. “Sixty percent of all handsets sold worldwide in 2005 will support Java, and the installed base of handsets exceeds 500 million devices. Action Engine's port to Java benefits mobile operators and users by delivering highly intuitive access to mobile Java applications.”  

Ted Wugofski, chief technology officer of Action Engine, asserts: “By expanding our addressable market base through support for Java devices, we can offer mobile operators the ability to give millions of frustrated data services users a better alternative for accessing content wirelessly. Our Java release will set a new standard for what subscribers should expect when using data services on their mobile devices.”  

The Java version of the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform is being built using the Java MIDP 2.0 specification. When completed, the Java version of the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform will be small enough to be provisioned over-the-air to a mobile device, the company claims. The Java release will also include integration between Action Engine Mobile Application Platform applications, as well as with the phone’s e-mail, contacts, calendar, dialer and SMS/MMS functions.

The company has a technical brief of the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform at: