Java IDE Integrated with Seapine Surround SCM

Software development shops using Seapine Software's Surround SCM for software change management can now seamlessly integrate a Java-based IDE from JetBrains Inc.

Seapine, which provides software lifecycle management tools such as Surround SCM, has teamed up with JetBrains, the Czech Republic-based company that makes the popular IntelliJ IDEA integrated development environment for Java.

Under the deal, JetBrains' IntelliJ 4.5 IDE is integrated into Seapine's Surround SCM product. That can simplify source code management for Java programmers working on code stored in Seapine Surround SCM.

The integration will let software development teams use IntelliJ IDEA to access source code and to perform Surround SCM commands from within the IntelliJ environment. That means Java developers can take advantage of the sort of high-level change management features that Surround SCM offers, such as its branching ability and e-mail notification.

According to Richard Riccetti, Seapine president and CEO, since Surround SCM works across multiple platforms, it makes sense for Seapine to add as many IDEs to the product as possible. Surround SCM currently works with a number of popular IDEs, including Visual Studio .NET, Visual C++, Dreamweaver MX, Eclipse, WebSphere, JBuilder, Codewarrior, and a number of others. Customers expect Seapine's product to tie into a variety of development environments, Riccetti says, "because they work in a variety of platforms and don't want to be limited to a certain set of features on one operating system."

For managers, TestTrack Pro, Seapine's defect tracking tool, is now accessible from Surround SCM within the JetBrains IDEA environment. That lets managers handle project issues, assign tasks, and configure workflow seamlessly. Java developers working within JetBrain IDEA can link source code changes back to the original issues, defects, or features requests that generated the source code change initially.

The JetBrain integration, which is shipping now as part of Surround SCM, is built into the installer--you select that integration when installing the product. A Surround SCM named license is $595; with TestTrack and the Seapine SCM suite included, it's $695.

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Linda Briggs is a freelance writer based in San Diego, Calif. She can be reached at [email protected].

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