Sun pours two shots of Java

JBoss and Sun said on Monday, Feb. 7, they have signed a new multi-year agreement for JBoss to support the Java 2, Enterprise Edition platform. The agreement is the latest agreement between the two companies.

"At a time when large proprietary vendors are moving to lock in users, JBoss is more committed than ever to J2EE, the Java community and standards that will ease development and use of Java technology," said Marc Fleury, chairman and CEO, JBoss.

Under the terms of the agreement, JBoss will continue to license the Test Compatibility Kit from Sun to ensure that future versions of the JBoss Application Server are J2EE compatible. Sun will also provide assistance to JBoss during future product certification testing.

Also on Monday, Sun and Mobeon AB, a private-labeled telecom messaging software provider, announced an agreement to use Sun Java Enterprise System and Solaris to create an open, IP-based messaging solution that also provides new opportunity for carriers to expand their services and markets.

Mobeon's new IP-based messaging services include features such as carrier-class videomail, voice mail, e-mail available from a multi-access interface that includes voice, Web and WAP. The services include a range of new features designed to increase the call completion rate, including fun greetings, such as a celebrity voice mail; slamdown, which is the ability to retrieve a number even if a voice message wasn't left; and text to speech to check a mailbox verbally.

During recent internal performance tests the messaging system scaled from 50,000 users to more than 20 million users.

Mobeon and Sun provide 32 telecom operators globally, with more than 50 messaging systems, and together have sold more than 28 million mailboxes.