New Java-based software suite available for retailers

360Commerce has released its latest Java-based software suite for retailers, the company announced this week.

Collaborating with leading retailers, 360Commerce has added new features and functionality to enable retailers to achieve profitable differentiation by offering consumers a superior shopping experience, according to a statement by the Austin, Texas-based firm.

"Shoppers continue to raise the bar on service expectations," said Stephen Gannon, vice president of store optimization solutions for 360Commerce. "They have hundreds of stores to choose from forcing retailers to better differentiate the in-store experience. Our newest release provides features aimed at creating a superior shopping experience and giving managers more real-time information in order to make quick and effective decisions."

This company says the latest release includes enhancements to all of 360Commerce's applications. 360Commerce's store optimization suite, including Point-of-Sale, Back Office, and Inventory Management, now offers a variety of unique features including:

* A new price adjustment type that enables retailers to automatically calculate the lowest price to support a lowest-price guarantee;

* Dynamic locale, which allows a different language to be deployed to shoppers and employees simultaneously;

* Inventory location support, which offers retailers the ability to find items within a store faster and easier;

* Inventory item status, which allows retailers to mark merchandise as damaged, layaway, return to sender, etc., to improve the accuracy of available-to-sell calculations; and

* Choice of item- or carton-level receiving per receipt.

360Commerce's enterprise applications, including Central Office and Workforce Management, now include additional unique features as well, according to the company. For example, Central Office now offers enhanced reporting that enables store managers to drill down, save a report's setting as My Favorite, and send via e-mail to one or multiple users' dashboards. Workforce Management now includes a Meeting and Events feature that allows store managers to accurately plan for work done in the store, including company meetings, inventory, plan-o-gram resets and other activities.

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