Seapine updates its SCM tools

The new version of Seapine Software's Surround SCM software change management product emphasizes integration with the tools and technologies development teams are using, says Rick Riccetti, president and CEO.

Surround SCM 3.0 includes support for LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory, and integrates with Metrowerk's CodeWarrior. For Java programmers, there's integration with Eclipse and other IDEs, including JBuilder and WebSphere. For those working in the Microsoft world, there's integration with Visual Studio.

The added LDAP support in Surround SCM 3.0 -- which will also be included in the upcoming release of TestTrack Pro 7.0 -- simplifies management of user accounts, Riccetti says. For developers working with CodeWarrior, a new feature allows development teams to run Surround SCM commands from inside that IDE.

Equally important from Riccetti's point of view is that all of Seapine's products, including QA Wizard for testing and TestTrack Pro for bug tracking, play well together.

'We integrate the products so that as you're running an automated test process with QA Wizard, [and] as issues are found, they can be set up to flow automatically into TestTrack Pro for whatever workflow you want to define,' he says.

Although most software companies tout ease of deployment and use, Riccetti insists his company's products do not require a team of consultants to help with configuration.

'We have very low cost of ownership, but still have the power and flexibility companies are looking for to manage the development process today and to then evolve their development process as tools change and processes change,' he says.

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