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Moving to XML -- Does it mean throwing out your RDB queries?
Bringing relational data into XML formats is a major task for many developers these days. XML has clear benefits as a lingua franca for integration, but it must co-exist with a well-established body of relational DB know-how. (3/16/2004)

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Toolmakers embrace XML
Veteran and start-up developers use XML in a variety of next-generation tools. Experts expect business to be volatile for some time.

Are you ready for some UML 2.0?
Work is well underway to update the Unified Modeling Language (UML), although the effort has fallen behind some early estimates for completion.

Microsoft's Don Box on SOAP, XML & VB
Programmers Report Supplement Editor Jack Vaughan talks with Don Box.

Open-source servers today
Full J2EE servers are outside the open-source province, but handy application servers, XML modules and servlet engines -- often in commercial packs -- hold ground.

PHP prowls the edge
From a mere personal home page a mighty open-source app server was born.

What's in store for XML storage?
As XML documents begin to proliferate in the corporation, developers will consider native XML storage. But big RDB vendors are responding.

Java test today
Java's move to prominence as a middle-tier server for enterprise applications is having a marked effect on IT test strategies. Some Java test requirements may be new takes on traditional themes; others are unique, calling for new approaches to software testing.

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» XQuery marks the spot
» Preventing programming errors: An interview with Brian Hawkins
» In Brief: DocSOAP kit, a VM, Schema software and a Windows-Mac tool
» Visual Studio .NET: Focus is on moving VB 'up to objects'
» XQuery marks the spot
» Preventing programming errors: An interview with Brian Hawkins
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