Letter: The real issue

In the October 21st edition of Programmers Report, our Newsletter Editor asked if readers thought former Chief Sun Scientist Bill Joy had overstayed his welcome in the ranks of techno gurus. Among the responses was a very pointed one that urged us to forswear petty technology bickering, and focus instead on the most pressing developer issue of the day. The letter follows:

The issue facing programmers today is not what Ellison says at Oracle World or whether Bill Joy is an egotistical windbag, [although I agree that he is] -- it is where our jobs are going.

You must have seen the Gartner Group research about how many developer positions will be sent overseas in the next year. These are staggering numbers. First, it was manufacturing jobs and now it appears it's our turn. The social implications of this are enormous.

The takeover of American business by Enron-style executives and the consequences of the way they conduct business -- without any thought to the consequences -- will be the ruin of this country and our way of life.

Maybe the Programmers Report can exist with a readership centered in India. You may find, however, that you too will suffer the consequences. Please encourage your readership to write their senators and congressmen to repeal the H1-B visa act and to restrict L-1 visas. Like it or not, we're in this boat together.

Rick Meisenholder MSCS

Newsletter Editor's Reply: You are absolutely right that this is an especially pertinent issue. Our reporters are working on the topic, and we will try to be sure and cover the important topic of technology outsourcing with a programmers' point of view. We welcome comment from other Programmers Report readers.


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