Many compilers, one IDE for C++ BuilderX

Last month, Borland launched C++ BuilderX, which represents the first Borland "studio-style" suite for C++. The new IDE provides first time Unix support, allowing applications to migrate from Unix to Intel-based Linux.

In fact, the software supports a variety of compilers, while featuring a single IDE. The multiplatform IDE offers a consistent interface across platforms, and handles Windows, Linux and Solaris while working from one code base.

The industry's rush to Java has obscured the fact that C++ is, as Borland's J.P. LeBlanc says, "still the preferred language for performance computing." LeBlanc, vice president and general manager for mobile and C++ businesses at Borland, admits the firm's C++ thrust to date has centered on C++ for Windows, and expects special interest in the Unix traits of the new software.

While Borland has continued to wave the C++ banner, Microsoft has certainly proved a vigorous competitor in the realm of C++ development. But that company is moving its C++ developers to a managed code paradigm as part of its overall .NET effort. There is little question that some C++ developers likely feel an unnecessary performance hit will come with this shift. LeBlanc sees a competitive opening here, and Borland is ready to support both native and managed solutions.

"We look to develop solutions that run on native compilers or on the Microsoft compiler that is part of the managed code offering," said John Ray Thomas, Borland's product manager for C++ business. "People run native, and have managed solutions they have to maintain. We can take care of both."

Intel, Borland, Microsoft, and ANSI ISO compilers and debugger tool chains ship with the product. Multiplatform installation support is enhanced via InstallShield MultiPlatform. Meanwhile, free developer edition licenses for Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 on Windows, Linux and Solaris are included.

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