Rack server vendor claims price/performance edge in benchmark

Representatives at RackSaver, a San Diego-based provider of high-density individual rack-optimized servers, blade servers and supercomputing clusters, said that results from a Transaction Processing Performance Council benchmark indicate that its servers have better price/performance than do servers from IBM, HP and Dell. RackSaver's RS-2164/op-r has a cost of $2.06/tpmC, which is more economical than the nearest competitor at $2.25/tpmC, according to the company's announcement.

TPC-C is the Transaction Processing Performance Council's ( standard benchmark for measuring enterprise server performance, said a RackSaver spokesperson. It is an online transaction processing (OLTP) benchmark that simulates a complete computing environment where a population of users executes transactions against a database in an order-entry environment.

David Driggers, RackSaver's president and CEO, said that beyond the price/performance benchmark results his firm's product -- which was tested running Windows 2003 in 32-bit mode -- offers software developers a hardware platform where they can create applications on a 32-bit processor that will migrate to 64-bit. The RackSaver hardware is now capable of running in either 32- or 64-bit mode, he said.

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