Software AG extends Tamino server

Software AG Inc. this week unveiled a new version of the Tamino XML Server that adds a new indexing tool for performing meta data searches on non-XML documents such as Microsoft Office and Sun StarOffice.

The new version of the XML server, described as a high-performance platform for storing, publishing and exchanging (XML) documents, also includes text-retrieval enhancements such as phonetic document searches and retrieved text highlighting. These enhancements enable better access to both XML documents and other types of business and multimedia content.

Version 4.1.4 also adds a Non-XML Indexer plug-in module that can work with Tamino to extend the set of searchable meta data, such as author, creation date, date last modified or file size that is associated with non-XML documents. Officials said the module was added to the package to facilitate faster and more intelligent searches of non-XML documents. The module can create indices for standard document formats such as Microsoft Office (including Word and Excel), StarOffice (including Writer and Calc), OpenOffice, Plain text files (UTF-8), MPEG Audio (often known as MP3 files), RTF (Rich Text Format) and ZIP files. Tamino users can download the module from Software AG's Web site at

The phonetic search capability can return to users documents that contain a phonetic equivalent to the specific search term. This capability can increase the number of "hits" during a search for a term where the pronunciation is known but the exact spelling is unknown, officials said.

A new application programming interface (API) for C in the new version allows client applications written in C or C++ to access Tamino without going through a Web server. In addition, any programming language that allows external C routines to be called can take advantage of the functionality provided by the Tamino API for C.

The new Tamino version is now shipping for Windows 2000/XP Pro, Linux (Intel systems and S/390), HP-UX, Sun Solaris 8, and IBM AIX 5.1 and 5.2 platforms. A Solaris 9 version will ship by the end of July.


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