In Brief: PostgreSQL 7.3.2 pack, MXtreme firewall appliance and a C optimizer

* Mammoth PostgreSQL 7.3.2 combo pack
Command Prompt Inc., in conjunction with theKompany, has announced the availability of the Mammoth PostgreSQL Rekall combo pack for deploying manageable clients. Mammoth PostgreSQL from Command Prompt is a SQL-compatible Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS). It is compatible with the PostgreSQL 7.3.2 release, and runs on Win32, MacOSX and Red Hat Linux x86 platforms.

* BorderWare launches MXtreme Version 2.1
BorderWare Technologies Inc. has launched Version 2.1 of its MXtreme mail firewall appliance. BorderWare has now completed integration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus software into MXtreme.

* C code without bloat?
Tensilica said it is currently in the late stages of developing software that analyzes C code algorithms and automatically creates optimized processor extensions. The company claims advances in the areas of instruction-set generation, vectorization, scheduling, operator fusion and VLIW. Flix, Tensilica's next-generation configurable architecture, features a long instruction word format for designer-defined instructions that has many of the benefits of VLIW performance but, according to company officials, none of the drawbacks of code bloat.


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