Product Briefs

Intalio|n3 2.0
Intalio|n3 2.0 is a business process management system that adds support for complex workflow interactions with end users while enhancing Intalio's support for industry standards.

With Intalio|n3 2.0, companies can manage the entire life cycle of their business processes, from design to execution to optimization. The latest release introduces Intalio|n3 Director, a new platform component that allows employees, customers and partners to direct the execution of business processes and perform business activity monitoring tasks through any existing workforce software. Key to Intalio|n3 Director is XPage, a new XML-based language developed to create highly interactive user interface components. XPage replaces the use of up to seven different languages (JSP, Java, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, HTML and CSS) that are required for the development of interactive, Web-based user interfaces.

Intalio|n3 Server is the system's core component that is responsible for the execution of business processes. It relies on a native process transaction engine to ensure transactional integrity for distributed transactions in addition to leveraging transactional messaging systems such as IBM WebSphere MQ and Tibco Rendezvous TX for transaction processing with heritage systems.

Contact the company for pricing information.
Intalio Inc., San Mateo, Calif.,

Aqua Data Studio 2.0
AquaFold Inc. has announced Aqua Data Studio 2.0, the latest version of its universal database tool for building, managing and maintaining enterprise relational databases. The product provides an integrated database environment with a single consistent interface to all major relational databases. This allows database administrators and developers to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously from one application. Aqua Data Studio's Query Analyzer allows users to work on database scripts with specific RDBMS syntax highlighting and auto-completion to develop and test scripts, including detailed client statistical information and multi-grid results.

Version 2.0's graphical browsing capabilities allow users to understand the structure and dependencies of the database schema with a click of the mouse, and to browse and select database scripts. The product also includes the ability to save a user's query results in many formats, including HTML and XML.

Aqua Data Studio 2.0's licenses for personal, educational and commercial use are available for free with no restrictions.
AquaFold Inc., Mountain View, Calif.,


ActiveBatch Version 4
Advanced Concepts Systems Inc. has released ActiveBatch Version 4, an upgrade to its job scheduling and management app designed for Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT, as well as for managing the execution of jobs for Unix and OpenVMS systems.

The product is a scalable solution for unattended job execution across a variety of software platforms. It provides a strategy for coordinating, managing and monitoring single and repetitive applications and jobs, with scheduling implemented through a range of criteria.

ActiveBatch's new graphical interface portrays jobs and job streams by depicting their explicit relationships graphically. These relationships can be created on-screen by drawing lines from one job to another and allowing dependency information to be applied. Version 4 supports four standard client interfaces (GUI, CLI, MMC and COM), as well as optional Web server (Internet Explorer/Netscape) and wireless (BlackBerry handheld) capability, allowing operators to control job scheduling tasks as needed from nearly any access point.
Advanced Systems Concepts Inc., Parsippany, N.J.,


Doors 6.0 SR1
Telelogic has announced support for electronic signatures in its Doors 6.0 SR1 requirements management tool.

The electronic signature feature records users' comments, status and signatures for control over document validation and authentication. By incorporating electronic signatures as part of Doors' baseline capability, users can now create a validated, time-stamped -- and locked -- record of all their requirements documents, including a history of all changes and comments.
Telelogic, Malmö, Sweden,

Shunra\Storm 2.5
Shunra\Storm 2.5, a WAN emulation appliance, is now available from Shunra Software Ltd.

By emulating a real-world WAN, Shunra\Storm tests the performance and ensures the network readiness of any enterprise application, technology or service under a near-limitless variety of network conditions, all in a single lab. Version 2.5 includes extended support for complex media streaming applications and differentiated services (DiffServ) running on enterprise-scale WANs. Also included is enhanced support for video and audio broadcasting, allowing users to test global terrestrial- and satellite-based IP multicast networks. In addition, through its new XML-based NetworX API, Shunra\Storm can be managed from within any third-party application, allowing multi-node WAN emulation to be seamlessly incorporated into a comprehensive testing plan.

Shunra\Storm Version 2.5 is a platform-independent hardware appliance. For pricing information, please contact the company.
Shunra Software Ltd., New York, N.Y.,

Panorama 2.0
Altaworks Corp. has released Panorama 2.0, which monitors and analyzes transactions, applications, systems, components and processes across the Web enterprise with the goal of turning raw performance data into real, actionable answers.

Version 2.0 includes new performance views that show resources and components across the entire Web enterprise with the highest performance values and those deviating the most from normal behavior. Improved cross-organizational communication and collaboration with new reporting schema allows organizations to share Panorama's historical data. In addition, Version 2.0 contains support for Tomcat and AIX 5L, as well as an update to the Oracle database data adapter that includes support for the Oracle 9i database.

Contact the company for more information.
Altaworks Corp., Nashua, N.H.,


Axeda DRM 3
Axeda Systems Inc. has enhanced its Axeda DRM 3 system to enable intelligent remote support of complex devices in the enterprise technology market such as servers, software, network-attached storage and storage area networks.

The product is a distributed enterprise software solution consisting of intelligent device agents, enterprise application servers and Web browser-based applications. To enable debugging of complex IT environments, the system enables correlated monitoring and analysis of multiple types of devices simultaneously. Any type of enterprise software or device can be connected through Axeda DRM's open, multi-protocol agents. Axeda Agents automatically discover and monitor devices utilizing SNMP and other communication standards. Once connected, Axeda DRM continuously monitors software and device operation, enabling proactive identification of problems before customers experience downtime.
Axeda Systems Inc., Mansfield, Mass.,

BitDefender Professional Version 6.5
Softwin has released Version 6.5 of its BitDefender Professional software security product.

Features new to the 6.5 version include in-depth information about viruses found in e-mail and advanced reporting features concerning e-threats on your system; secure, intelligent updates using integrity verification technologies; and empowering users to set up flexible security policies on their own systems.

Pricing for BitDefender Professional Version 6.5 starts at $44.95. A free 30-day trial may be downloaded from the company's Web site at
Softwin, Bucharest, Romania,


Vista Plus Suite, Version 5.0
Vista Plus Suite, Version 5.0 is said to provide the next generation in fixed content delivery services by ensuring critical business document delivery to employees, partners and customers via corporate or customer-facing portals, both inside and outside the firewall as well as over e-mail and to printers. It is available from Quest Software Inc.

The suite features self-service access to reports and statements from enterprise packaged applications, including, PeopleSoft and the Oracle E-Business Suite, to facilitate electronic statement presentment to both internal and external recipients. Users also have the ability to 'snap-in' to any existing Web framework, including intranets, extranets, enterprise portals, customer-facing portals and the Web. In addition, automated report distribution expedites the process of splitting and combining reports into relevant portions for specific individuals in an organization.

The Vista Plus Suite 5.0 product is available with new Web-based pricing options. Please contact Quest Software for more information.
Quest Software Inc., Irvine, Calif.,

ActiveGuard 2.0
Solutionary has introduced ActiveGuard 2.0, the newest version of the ActiveGuard Enterprise E-Security Platform.

The product is said to effectively manage and prioritize security event information. The technology delivers a more consolidated view of an organization's security vulnerabilities by illustrating actual threats to an environment. Event Prioritization and Correlation evaluates the event source, attack source, attack type, the impact to the environment and other important events to determine the true threat to individual customer environments. The False Positive Reduction Module utilizes integrated smart actions to validate each alert by determining and ranking the significance and the impact of the alert. In addition, a modular and hierarchical design reduces bandwidth requirements, shrinking overhead on customer networks.
Solutionary Inc., Omaha, Neb.,


Log Explorer, Version 3.0
Lumigent Technologies has shipped Log Explorer, Version 3.0, which allows users to identify the causes of Microsoft SQL Server database problems and recover information when business data is lost.

New features in Version 3.0 include the capability to see who has made changes to the database information and structure and when the changes were made, and to then redo or undo data, schema and permission changes. Support for TEXT, NTEXT and IMAGE (all BLOB SQL objects) is supported, which will allow DBAs to recover more data. Users can also create an index that is then used to browse large logs much faster.

Log Explorer Enterprise Edition is available for $995 ($1,095 outside of North America) per server for a single copy. Version 3.0 supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7.0.
Lumigent Technologies Inc., Acton, Mass.,


PointBase Server 4.3 and PointBase Embedded 4.3
PointBase Inc. has released PointBase Server 4.3 and PointBase Embedded 4.3. The latest versions of the PointBase RDBMSs are JDBC 3.0-compliant and include robust performance enhancements for improved functionality and ease of use.

The products provide scalable databases for e-commerce, application server, Web servers and embedded applications. PointBase Server 4.3 is a low-cost, high-performance RDBMS for client/server networked applications. PointBase Embedded 4.3 is an RDBMS that is said to be ideal for embedded applications. New features include greater transactional performance, sensitive cursors, complete triggers to support correlation values in the assigned set clause, implicit type conversion to compare day/time/timestamp data with the underlying column's data type, and an improved database console. The console can now manage user roles, privileges, table routines and triggers, as well as specify document format for SQL command output.
PointBase Inc., Mountain View, Calif.,


GeoPinpoint V3.2
DMTI Spatial has released GeoPinpoint V3.2, a multiplatform geocoding and address management software solution for business intelligence and location-based services (LBS).

The product provides the user with a user-friendly geo-location process that attaches 'X' and 'Y' coordinates to facility, customer or prospect address data for map visualization, analysis or location-based apps. GeoPinpoint's matching hierarchy enables users to improve their data match rate by geocoding to address/intersection, postal code, point of interest, forward sortation address (FSA), municipality centroid or populated placename. The product is multiplatformed and is available in a Windows Standalone Desktop Version, ActiveX (DLL version), Unix and Java Wrapper. GeoPinpoint's nationwide Geo-reference Database is updated quarterly and is developed from CanMap, Canada's leading street map data.
DMTI Spatial, Markham, Ontario,


NetCracker Integration Server and NetCracker Facility Management
NetCracker Technology has released NetCracker Integration Server and NetCracker Facility Management, the latest components of NetCracker's benchmark OSS solution. The solution features a 100% Web-based, robust workflow engine and a suite of full-featured, pre-integrated OSS modules designed to improve operational efficiency for telecommunications and enterprise clients.

NetCracker Integration Server is a workflow-driven platform of the NetCracker OSS suite of products. Architecturally open and written in pure Java, the platform leverages industry-standard XML, CORBA, RMI and JMS technologies to access, query, retrieve and update infrastructure data. NetCracker Facility Management offers a solution that provides an up-to-date, comprehensive and highly visual account of every asset throughout the enterprise. The component enables customers to efficiently manage their assets throughout the entire life cycle, from procurement to retirement.
NetCracker Technology, Waltham, Mass.,


StarNet Communications Corp. has shipped Desktop-X, an X11 PC X server that complements Microsoft Windows Services for Unix 3.0 (SFU 3.0).

The product is a fully functional X11 server based on the latest version of StarNet's X-Win32 PC X server. Besides providing the Windows display interface for X apps running under the Interix subsystem, users can also configure the X server to access software running on remote Unix and Linux hosts. Users can also connect to multiple Unix and Linux desktops at the same time with a Multiple XDMCP Sessions feature.

Pricing for Desktop-X is $99 for the standard edition and $129 for an edition that includes support for OpenGL-based X applications.
StarNet Communications Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif.,


KnowNow Application Connector for Excel
KnowNow Application Connector for Excel allows customers to connect Excel spreadsheets to other spreadsheets and aggregate information from disparate sources.

KnowNow's connector works through firewalls and across platforms so that any business user can collaborate with other users, regardless of location or organization. The connector eliminates the challenge of synchronizing multiple spreadsheets and circulating this information into and out of corporate back-office systems. The product does not require IT support for installation, so users gain self-service integration across their own desktops.
KnowNow Inc., Mountain View, Calif.,


OpenFusion Total CORBA Solution (TCS) v3.0
PrismTech has released OpenFusion Total CORBA Solution (TCS) v3.0, the latest version of its suite of C++/Java ORBs and CORBA services.

The Java ORB, JacORB 1.4, is a major new release that complies with the CORBA 2.4 standard and is a highly performant, multithreaded POA-based ORB. The C++ ORB, TAO 1.2, is CORBA 2.6 compliant, and combines high performance with the end-to-end predictability required by real-time applications. A new load-balancing service allows users to improve the performance, scalability and dependability of large-scale CORBA applications.

A new security service can be used to apply secure client access to each of the OpenFusion CORBA Services. Messaging Bridges allow connection to other third-party messaging-oriented middleware, such as IBM's MQSeries and Tibco's Rendezvous. In addition, a new transactional OpenFusion JMS allows OpenFusion JMS clients to participate with other JTA-managed resources within the context of a distributed transaction.
PrismTech, Boston, Mass.,


Axeda Access 1.5
Axeda Systems has shipped Axeda Access 1.5, a component of the Axeda Device Relationship Management System.

The solution provides secure, Internet-based remote desktop sharing between service and support specialists and remote computers installed at customer sites. Axeda Access 1.5 expands the supported platforms to provide access to devices running any version of Microsoft Windows and popular versions of the Unix OS, including Sun Solaris 8 and Linux. The latest release also enhances features such as unattended operation, device access control and multiple concurrent user sessions, and provides performance improvements. Axeda Access 1.5 operates on all versions of Microsoft Windows, including XP/2000/NT/ 98/95 and supports popular Unix platforms, including Sun Solaris 8 and Linux Versions 7.0 and 7.1.
Axeda Systems Inc., Mansfield, Mass.,


Watchfire WebQA Version 2.0
Version 2.0 of Watchfire WebQA is a Web site quality testing tool designed for small- to medium-sized Web sites or departmental sites that require a content testing solution for individual developers or QA engineers. The product is from Watchfire Corp.

Version 2.0 now has the ability to scan for more than 90 comprehensive accessibility checks and offer prioritized suggestions based on the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the U.S. Government's Section 508. Web- QA allows developers to test Web pages and generate summary reports highlighting critical accessibility issues before posting the content to live servers. The product also analyzes and reports on Web content quality issues such as broken links, slow loading pages, spelling, meta data and missing ALT text. Watchfire WebQA Version 2.0 can be downloaded from the company's Web site. The price is $1,495. Customers may also download WebQA for a 15-day evaluation period.
Watchfire Corp., Waltham, Mass.,


ImgX Controls v. 6 for Visual Basic and .NET
ImgX Controls v. 6 for Visual Basic and .NET lets developers add imaging functionality to their apps. The product is available from Atalasoft.

The product will read and write most popular graphics file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TIFF G3/G4 Fax, PCX, TGA, BMP, PSD, PCD, GIF, EXIF and WMF/EMF. ImgX uses a low-level C++ imaging library that is said to provide ultra-fast image processing with an ActiveX front end. Users can process images with the 100+ built-in filters, transforms and effects. Images can be displayed with a scrollable viewport, and there is even anti-aliased display support for multiple-page, 1-bit documents such as FAXes and CAD drawings.

ImgX Controls v. 6 is priced at $299. A Lite version, without some of the image enhancing capabilities and additional controls, is available for $149. There are no runtime royalty fees. ImgX Controls can be used in any development environment that supports ActiveX, including VB6, VB5, .NET, Visual C++, Delphi and FoxPro. An evaluation copy is available for download from the company's Web site.
Atalasoft, Westfield, Mass.,


iManage WorkSite MP 3.0
iManage WorkSite MP 3.0, from iManage, is a single, integrated application suite that enables centralized, secure management of business content and interactions to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve corporate accountability.

Among the new features in Version 3.0 are e-mail management with MailSite MP, real-time collaborative meetings with WorkTeam Real-Time (Webex), Microsoft Office integration, collaboration spaces and knowledge centers, and advanced workflow with WorkRoute and WorkRoute Pro.
iManage Inc., Foster City, Calif.,


Forum eMeeting
SiteScape Inc. has announced a new real-time Web conferencing component called Forum eMeeting. The module can be added to the SiteScape Enterprise Forum 7.0 collaboration software.

The combination of SiteScape Enterprise Forum and Forum eMeeting forms an integrated collaboration environment that enables users to host real-time meetings directly within the context of their enterprise collaboration environment. The product combo offers Web meetings, virtual presentations, white boarding with mark up, application sharing, and voice and video over IP. Participants only need a PC and Web browser to begin meeting online. Users can link online meetings to threaded discussions entries, documents, tasks, workflows, and Forum and Microsoft Outlook calendars.
SiteScape Inc., Maynard, Mass.,


Bridgit Version 1.0
Smart Technologies Inc. has released Bridgit data conferencing software Version 1.0 for multi-user, reservationless data conferences.

With the software, meeting attendees can connect to share screen information, and anyone can create a conference that all attendees can join by simply opening their client and selecting the conference by name. Those who do not have the Bridgit client can be invited with an e-mail containing a URL that will download the client (less than 1Mb) and bring them directly to the conference.

The software is priced at $1,999 per server, plus $100 per concurrent user (purchased in multiples of five). There are no usage charges. The Bridgit data conferencing does not include an audio-conferencing component.
Smart Technologies Inc., Calgary, Alberta,


Ecora Patch Manager
Ecora Software has released Ecora Patch Manager, a solution for enterprise patch analysis and remediation. The product automatically discovers, analyzes and deploys security patches right from an administrator's desktop and offers patch coverage for the most popular Microsoft products.

Patch Manager is sold via subscription on a per-node basis. Pricing starts at $500.
Ecora Software, Portsmouth, N.H.,


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