Product Briefs

V1: Enterprise
VersionOne has released V1:Enterprise, a platform for planning, managing and tracking agile software development projects.

The product, which is said to be scalable and Web-based, is aimed at simplifying the process of planning and managing rapidly changing agile software development projects -- such as projects using Extreme Programming, Feature-Driven Development, Lean Development, Scrum or Crystal -- which, according to the company, focus on adaptability, customer feedback and frequent delivery cycles to minimize risk and provide value to the business more quickly. Product features include release planning, iteration planning and tracking, requirements management, task management and project reporting. Users are said to be able to tailor V1:Enterprise to align with specific project standards, terminology and requirements.

V1:Enterprise is also said to help project managers, product managers, product marketing, developers, testers, writers and software executives to improve project collaboration, visibility and adaptability. It can be deployed to a single team, across a distributed organization or provide real-time visibility into outsourced projects.
VersionOne LLC, Alpharetta, Ga.,

lice 1.7
LTrix Engineering has announced Version 1.7 of lice, a remote source-level debugger for developing device drivers, porting Linux to embedded systems and customizing the kernel. The product's user interface is said to save time in identifying and fixing errors.

New product features include C and assembly step over ''call'' instruction; an improved ''disassembly window''; disabling of breakpoints; Red Hat 8.0 compatibility; auto-detection of user/kernel memory boundary; and the ability to ''break'' the target after the product loads. Version 1.7 is said to be minimally intrusive to the running kernel; allow developers to break a running kernel at any time, preserving registers and memory; break on any module's entry point; set breakpoints anywhere in the kernel or in a module; set source line or assembly instruction-based breakpoints; and disable breakpoints. Lice also allows developers to watch parameters and local variables pop in and out of scope, and automatically refreshes registers and memory on break and stepping. The product also examines memory and registers, and lets developers disassemble memory. Easy-to-read source code syntax coloring is included, and breakpoints and the IP line are said to be indicated clearly.

Lice Version 1.7 is priced at $2,000 per seat license; $500 for updates and support. Price incentives are available for multiple seats. A 30-day trial version is also available. Contact the company for more information.
LTrix Engineering, Custer, Wash.,

BEA WebLogic Express & BEA WebLogic Server, Workgroup Ed.
BEA has announced two additions to its Java application server line, BEA WebLogic Express and BEA WebLogic Server, Workgroup Edition.

The products are specifically designed for departmental-level budget and application needs. BEA WebLogic Express is used to build and run Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java servlets and is targeted at Web applications, such as corporate Web sites. BEA WebLogic Server, Workgroup Edition gives departments of up to 20 end users the same set of features found in BEA's flagship Java application server, including EJB support. Both products use the same code base.

BEA WebLogic Express comes with the option of either BEA Production Support or BEA dev2dev Support, a support program with an e-mail interface to customer service representatives. BEA WebLogic Express is priced at $694 per CPU. BEA WebLogic Server, Workgroup Edition, with support, costs $4,000 per CPU.
BEA Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif.,

Precise i3 Version 6.0
Precise Software Solutions has shipped Precise i3 Version 6.0. The product combines Precise's  data collection technology with its TotalCorrelation and SmarTune technologies to resolve app performance slowdowns before they damage performance.

TotalCorrelation has the ability to trace a business transaction across all tiers of an app and correlate the symptom of an app slowdown to its definitive root cause. SmarTune then provides automatic interpretation of the problem and expert tuning advice.

New product features include seamless integration between solution components; in-context navigation from tier to tier; and application-specific enhancements enabling faster deployment in ERP, CRM, Java and other business app environments.
Precise Software Solutions, Westwood, Mass.,

Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.0
Compuware Corp. has enhanced its Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.0 product. The additions are said to help managers proactively manage fault events by detecting and collecting faults in the Sun Solaris Unix server environment, in addition to OS/390 and Windows NT server fault events.

The product helps IT management to spot and eliminate recurring abends. In addition, Version 3.0 allows reports and graphs to be scheduled and sent in e-mail form. Users can also access archived fault information for trend analysis. Fault Manager is said to extend the value of Abend-AID products by providing the ability to view the Abend-AID diagnostics section from Fault Manager. This aids in the resolution of problems, reducing downtime and ensuring service-level agreements.
Compuware Corp., Farmington Hills, Mich.,

Path Application Manager
The Path Application Manager (P.A.M.), from Path Communications Inc., is a software-based, application behavior management (ABM) platform that lets enterprises discover and proactively deal with problems before they lead to expensive failures.

P.A.M. monitors and measures the performance and availability of custom apps to reduce the severity and frequency of application problems. It automates information gathering and has a learning capability that is said to provide automatic problem detection and notification without manual configuration. P.A.M. is said to anticipate app failures by detecting deviations from normal behavior patterns and reporting problem sources in a way that makes intuitive sense to users.

P.A.M. is $5,000 per CPU, with a minimum 10-user license.
Path Communications, Marina Del Rey, Calif.,

TestWeb Version 1.3
The Original Software Group has shipped Version 1.3 of its TestWeb Web testing product.

The latest version of TestWeb enables Web application testing to be driven by events rather than just by navigation. Event processing allows for more complex functions such as Java events, pop-up windows and multiple, interacting Web browser sessions to be captured and analyzed accurately. In the event-driven model, each individual page event is captured as it occurs and is replayed in sequence. Users can also choose whether their Web app testing is driven by page navigations or by individual page events.
The Original Software Group, Chicago, Ill.,

Seer-SEM Client for Microsoft Project
Galorath Inc. has introduced Seer-SEM Client for Microsoft Project, a tool that is said to enable software project teams to develop well-structured, realistic plans to achieve schedules and cost goals.

As an everyday tool, Seer-SEM Client for Microsoft Project can be used to initiate project plans based on very little initial information, and can then update and fine-tune as more information is given. When invoked, an intuitive interface guides the user in describing the project and then lays out a plan in Microsoft Project with tasks and resource assignments. New projects are compared to a shared database of completed projects, thereby calibrating the Seer-SEM Client.

In addition, resource schematics, life cycles and key planning factors are shared, allowing team members to utilize a unified project planning toolset.
Galorath Inc., El Segundo, Calif., SE SE is a downloadable application firewall that protects Web sites against application-level attacks. It is available from webSecurity Inc.

The software is said to proactively prevent breaches by enforcing a site's Intended-Use Guidelines (IUG). Instead of identifying malicious activities based on known attack signatures, web- SE uses advanced web/insite technology to build a set of allowable actions from the site's own Web pages, giving it the ability to protect against known and unknown attacks.
webSecurity Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.,

Powertrak V6.0
Axonom Inc. has released Powertrak V6.0, a CRM offering that features comprehensive native support for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Web technologies and Microsoft .NET.

The product includes vertical solutions to meet specific needs of the wealth management, non-profit management and high-tech manufacturing industries. Users can access one vertical solution as well as various add-on modules for advanced marketing, multi-channel sales, technical case management, e-commerce, partner portals, call center and native Microsoft Outlook.

The product provides integration into Microsoft Business Solutions accounting, as well as numerous legacy and back-office systems. Other key highlights include Office XP style interfaces and navigation, the ability to view and manage complex personal and business relationships, the availability of hosted solutions for all functions, and support for .NET and ASPx.
Axonom Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.,

mScape for CORBA
WestGlobal has released mScape for CORBA, a product that provides business-level management for organizations running CORBA systems.

The product provides users with an intuitive visual interface that demonstrates the activity across the CORBA system from a business perspective. It shows what components are requesting what functionality from which other components as part of a given business process.
WestGlobal, Dublin, Ireland,

iCode-Repository v. 3.0
iCode Tools has released iCodeRepository v. 3.0, a programmers utility that allows users to improve productivity by avoiding repetitive programming and collecting reusable source code.

With the product, users can pick their favorite source code snippets during their daily programming or search for tips and articles on the Internet and then organize them with iCodeRepository. The latest version includes a new Keyboard Viewer, an improved XP-style interface and the ability to add icrEdit to the context menu, allowing users to open files by right-clicking on them.

iCodeRepository v. 3.0 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/ 2000/XP, and is priced at $35 for a single-user license.
iCode Tools,

RootCause Version 2.0
OC Systems has shipped Version 2.0 of its RootCause application problem management tool.

RootCause is said to act like a flight recorder for software applications, collecting information about the program's execution as it runs. When a problem occurs, developers can step through the execution and perform root cause analysis without having to reproduce the problem. No changes are made to any application files and no source code is required.

RootCause Version 2.0 is shipping for both C/C++ and Java for Solaris and Windows NT/2000/ XP environments. Pricing starts at $2,995 for a single seat; enterprise solutions that include a customized package of software and services start at $30,000.
OC Systems Inc, Fairfax, Va.,

Revolution 2.0
Runtime Revolution has shipped Revolution 2.0, a fully featured, multiplatform development tool.

The product's interface builder, English-like programming language, built-in Internet and multimedia features combine to make it easier for users to write software. The latest release offers a new Jaguar-friendly user interface, a transcript Cookbook explaining a range of useful routines, Unicode text entry and text manipulation, spreadsheet/table text fields, a new XML library for creating and parsing XML documents, new SOAP support and a new report printing engine.
Runtime Revolution, Edinburgh, Scotland,

C++ Version 2.2
Recursion Software has announced C++ Version 2.2. The latest version of the product allows developers to upgrade to a full set of features supporting the development of multithreaded distributed apps.

New features include search algorithm improvement, support for new platforms and compilers, macros related to DLLs, template-version standard iostreams, changes to os_ip_addresses and changes to os_vent-semaphore.

C++ Version 2.2 is priced at $400.
Recursion Software Inc., Dallas, Texas,

Servertec Internet Server
Servertec Internet Server -- a small, fast and scalable platform-independent application/Web server written entirely in Java -- is now available from Servertec.

The product is platform independent, supports open standards and is built around a high-performance, multithreaded Web engine that supports HTTP 1.1. Java Servlet API Version 2.2 is supported, and the product provides a robust environment for serving Web pages and for running server-side Internet applications. Version 1.11.0 features support for multilingual content negotiation, internationalization and localization, as well as support for Solaris Sparc and Intel platforms. The release also includes changes to improve security and performance, and to reduce code; changes to better support WAP and SOAP applications; numerous changes detailed in the Change Log to improve the server and Administrator; and bug fixes and updates to documentation and the API.

Servertec Internet Server is licensed on a per-server basis for $100 for the Professional Edition and $250 for the Enterprise Edition.
Servertec, Kearney, N.J.,

InstallAnywhere 5
Zero G Software has shipped InstallAnywhere 5. The product's intuitive architecture is said to bring intelligence to the process of installing any kind of software onto any client or server platform, and to then configure those apps for optimal performance.

The latest version includes enhanced XML support, suite installation capabilities, Merge module support, new team development features, Web services-based app deployment tools, drag-and-drop functionality and Apache Ant integration.

InstallAnywhere 5 Enterprise Edition is priced at $2,995; InstallAnywhere Mac OS X Edition is available for $1,995; Install- Anywhere 5 Standard Edition is $995, while InstallAnywhere 5 Now! may be downloaded free from the company's Web site.
Zero G Software Inc., San Francisco, Calif.,

CodeWarrior Development Tools for Windows v8
CodeWarrior Development Tools for Windows v8, from Metrowerks, is a tool suite that provides -- in a single integrated development environment (IDE) -- the functionality programmers need to get their C/C++ and Java applications to market.

The product includes a project manager, customizable text editor, an interactive debugger, and an ANSI/ISO/C/C++ compiler that helps to produce compact and efficient code for smaller and faster applications. In addition, the CodeWarrior IDE is extensible and customizable, with an open API that enables developers to plug in their favorite third-party tools. A multimedia tutorial that provides developers with instructions on how to use the CodeWarrior IDE is also available.

CodeWarrior Development Tools for Windows v8 has a suggested retail price of $599 per license. A combined package for Windows and Mac OS development is priced at $799.
Metrowerks, Austin, Texas,

SQL Compare 2.0.1
Red Gate Software has released SQL Compare 2.0.1, an improved version of the firm's software tool for comparing and synchronizing SQL 7 and SQL 2000 database structure and contents.

SQL Compare is said to replace the complex scripting, comparison and synchronization process with an easier and more reliable method. The software is run after all the databases' changes are made and graphically displays the differences between the development and production databases. It then automatically creates a script to migrate from one to the other. The product compares and synchronizes all elements of the database, including tables, views, stored procedures, permissions, user-defined functions, triggers, roles, rules, defaults and user-defined types.

SQL Compare 2.0.1 is priced at $195 as a standalone product. It is also available as part of a $290 bundled package that includes SQL Data Compare -- which compares and synchronizes the contents of Microsoft SQL Server databases -- and COMpare -- which compares type library information in ActiveX components.
Red Gate Software, Cambridge, England,

SmartViewer Web Server 3.0.1
SmartViewer Web Server 3.0.1, which enables organizations to deliver interactive SPSS analytical reports to key audiences through a Web browser, is now available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean with English as the default language. It is available from SPSS Inc.

In addition to SPSS analytical reports, SmartViewer Web Server can deliver reports generated from Microsoft Excel, Word and other report software. Rather than work with static reports, report viewers can use Inc.'s pivoting technology built into SmartViewer to rearrange rows, columns and layers. The pivoting technology also enables viewers to drill down to the daily view in any month, quarter or week as appropriate, including projected future values, or select multiple items in a graph to see a total of selected items.
SPSS Inc., Chicago, Ill.,


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