New tools boost 64-bit Intel chip

The 64-bit Itanium microprocessor from Intel Corp. ( received another boost this week with Compuware Corp.'s ( unveiling of the DevPartner 64 debugging and automated error-detection toolset for Windows XP-based systems running on Itanium-based hardware.

As the new processor is installed on more hardware systems, observers note that support from established development toolmakers is vital. Earlier 64-bit processors found limited support from toolmakers through the years, observers said.

The DevPartner toolset incorporates a 64-bit version of Compuware's BoundsChecker error-detection technology and the SoftICE system debugger, company officials said.

BoundsChecker is said to enable C++ developers to identify and diagnose memory leaks, buffer overruns, pointer errors, improper API usage and a variety of other programming errors. The SoftICE debugger can provide developers with a view of all data and instructions generated by the 64-bit version of Windows XP. The new adaptation of the debugger can be used by both application and device driver developers to assist and analyze any type of error, from inappropriate pointer reference to invalid data. Compuware officials said the toolset can follow application execution between user and kernel code.

Shari Zedeck, director of product management at Compuware, said the firm plans to continue porting development tools to systems running the new processor. The toolset is priced at around $2,000 per seat.

About the Author

Mike Bucken is former Editor-in-Chief of Application Development Trends magazine.


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