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Seen at Boston XML Web Services Show
Assorted topics came under discussion during a show dedicated to XML and Web Services. -Week of 8/26/2002

What's behind BEA's big bet on tools? -08/01/2002
Web services: Report from the field -06/01/2002
Movers and Shakers: How Bekins built a Web services-based Broadcast Exchange system-06/01/2002
What's in store for XML storage?-06/01/2002
SOAP eases JP Morgan Chase technology pain -04/01/2002
Interview: Our dinner with Annrai OToole -04/01/2002
Web services keep Bekins Co. moving -04/01/2002
Tuning in to .NET -02/01/2002
Interview: Our dinner with Annrai OToole -03/01/2002
Web services: The next big thing? -03/01/2002
Interview: Brett McLaughlin on XML and Java -03/01/2002
Managing Web Content -01/01/2002
New routes to XML data integration -01/01/2002

David Chappell: The Microsoft/IBM axis -09/01/2001
Uche Ogbuji: The many heads of XML modeling -06/01/2002
David Chappell: Lifting the fog on Web services -06/01/2002
David Chappell: NET & beyond - Confronting .NET myths
Tony Baer: Standards turf wars scale back -03/01/2002
Uche Ogbuji: WSDL and the Wild, Wild West -02/01/02
David Chappell: People and code - The two poles of .NET -12/01/2001

From the news archives
IBM, Microsoft demo links Web services apps - -08/29/2002
Are Web services really new? -08/28/2002

At XML Web Services One: New XSLT debugging traits in eXcelon tool -06/08/2002
Java father Gosling on Web services -06/05/2002
Explaining Java and Web services -04/09/2002
Sun pushes to join Web services battle -04/02/2002
Sun targets Microsoft ASP and Passport -03/26/2002
Web services can democratize EAI -03/15/2002
Time to manage those Web services -03/06/2002
Credit Union uses XML server to feed client's desktops -01/23/2002
New XML schema unveiled -01/23/2002
XML and broker ease student registration -12/05/2001


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