Sybase looks to boost integration tools

Sybase Inc. is continuing its effort to boost its integration business with the launching of its so-called New Era of Networks (NEON) Integration Package, and the latest version of its PowerJ IDE.

The company is billing its NEON Integration Package—gained with its acquisition of the once thriving New Era of Networks—as an entry-level EAI tool suite, designed for users "who need to integrate and streamline business processes and information flow between two or more applications."

The Integration Package includes the NEON e-Biz Integrator, a patented integration server, and two "connection points" that enable links to up to two existing business applications or systems. With each connection point, users can choose from a library of NEON Adapters designed to provide pre-defined connections to target applications, such as PeopleSoft, SAP R/3, and Siebel, as well as mainframes or legacy systems. By adding additional connection points, users can incorporate additional applications or systems.

The e-Biz Integrator integrates new and existing systems to provide a seamless business process flow. It links applications with other applications or e-Business servers, and supports industry standards, such as XML and EDI.

An Adapter Development Kit (e-ADK ) is available as part of the Integration Package for users who need to integrate a custom application or legacy system.

Sybase also announced the availability of the 4.0 version of its PowerJ IDE. Sybase officials are touting this version's new automation features, which generate non-proprietary skeletal code, simplifying the processes of building, debugging, and deploying e-biz apps. It also supports Sybase EAServer and solutions powered by EAServer, including Sybase Enterprise Portal. And it boasts an improved and intuitive Multiple Document Interface (MDI) GUI consistent with other Sybase design and development products.

Upgraded features in this version include a new Application Server View and Application Server Backwards Compatibility with existing application servers.

Hurwitz analyst Kathy Quirk said the new version of "PowerJ 4.0 represents a major step forward for Sybase in its support of the development community. Backwards compatibility with older versions of EAServer and J2EE will be key to IT organizations working on new projects, and as the newly developing maintenance needs of the first crop of Java implementations mature."

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