Console added to Rational suite

The latest version of Rational Software Corp.'s suite of development tools, dubbed Rational Suite 2002, adds a so-called ProjectConsole which officials said can automate a project web site, collect project metrics, and automatically assess the state of a project.

The new version, slated to be unveiled this week, also adds mainframe support for the ClearCase configuration management system and expands the Rational Developer Network with training courses available at any time and focused content for specific projects.

David Locke, director of product marketing at Rational, said the ProjectConsole can "look through lifecycle and collect all the facts—the application models, source code, any artifacts of development—and publish them on a project web site." He added the tool is based on a server-based to allow it to gather all artifacts of multiple projects.

Locke said the new system can automate management of a project, thus "liberating the team from mundane duties. Everything is current on screen and fully accessible." The Project Console toolset also includes templates for altering the user interface and adapters to support multiple data types, Locke said.

The ProjectConsole tool will not add to the price of the new v2002 suite, which is slated to ship in early December, Locke said.

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