NationsBank,, Charlotte, N.C., built an Extranet for corporate customers doing international wire transfers. The application includes online up-to-the-minute computation of foreign exchange rates.

This Website, which is not open to the public, was developed primarily with Java on the server side and HTML on the client side. The Extranet site uses server software from Netscape Communications Corp., and application software from NetDynamics, Inc. For its development environment, the bank selected JBuilder from Borland International Inc. but it also is doing some C++ programming for the HP servers linked to the bank’s legacy systems. John Bruns, senior vice president for technical architecture at NationsBank, says all the tools worked well for the Extranet development. "We had to engineer for high volume, high redundancy," he explains. "NetDynamics is designed to be industrial strength." But he cautions Website developers. "No one tool meets all needs."