Buzzeo Inc.

When Gene Buzzeo founded Phoenix-based Buzzeo Inc.,, in 1993 and began doing software consulting for colleges and universities, he discovered that with most campus systems change was a constant. At public universities, for example, the state residency requirement might be changed from six months to one year. Such changes required programmers to re-write code. Why not design a Web-based application framework for colleges and universities where change was the easiest thing to do? The result is ZEOLogix, a Java Internet/Intranet framework incorporating the Advisor/J inference rules engine from Neuron Data, Mountain View, Calif. It allows I/S professionals and even power users to make rule changes as a simple edit without taking down the system. In ZEOLogix multitier architecture, the database for the rules engine is separate from program logic and the college’s database. This architecture allows campus I/S professionals and even administration personnel to make changes to one of the modules without shutting down the others. Customers for ZEOLogix, released in the first quarter of 1998, include Maricopa Community Colleges in Arizona, and Community College MIS Consortium in California.