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Eclipse Foundation's 2020 IoT Dev Survey

At the launch of its annual EclipseCon conference, underway online this week, the Eclipse Foundation published the results of its 2020 IoT Developer Survey.

Pluralsight Live Announcements: A Partnership, an Acquisition, and Lots of Platform Enhancements

Online course provider Pluralsight made numerous announcements at its Pluralsight LIVE virtual event last week around its technology skills and engineering management platform, unveiled a new strategic partnership, and announced a key acquisition.

Red Hat Integrates Ansible Automation with OpenShift Kubernetes

Red Hat announces an integration of its Ansible automation solution with its OpenShift Kubernetes container platform, making it easier to automate tasks among traditional on-prem and emerging cloud-native infrastructures.

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Gitpod Providing Native Integration with GitLab's UI

Gitpod is joining forces with GitLab to provide native integration with GitLab's UI, the two organizations announced last week.

Okta Extends its Devices Platform Service to Devs through its SDK

Authentication solution provider Okta has extended its Okta Devices Platform Service capabilities to developers via the Okta Devices SDK, which provides packaged tooling to build passwordless sign-in flows through branded push notifications with biometric capabilities, minimizing friction for end-users and increasing security posture.

ZeroNorth Wants to Make Security 'Integral and Transparent' in the SDLC

ZeroNorth announces a new set of capabilities for its SaaS-based security platform aimed at removing friction between security and DevOps teams by making security "integral and transparent" within the SDLC.

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New Accurics App Gives GitHub Users New Code Scanning Feature

Cloud security provider Accurics announced a new GitHub app designed to further automate the programmatic enforcement of security policies throughout the software development workflow.


Sumo Logic's Illuminate Conference Observability Announcements

Sumo Logic's fourth annual Illuminate user conference, virtual this year because of the pandemic, wrapped up yesterday after two days of educational sessions, expert keynotes, and product and initiative announcements.

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CloudBees Announces New DevSecOps Capabilities for its CI/CD Solutions

CloudBees recently announced a new set of DevSecOps capabilities for its continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solutions, including feature flag integration within the CI and CD environments, which the company is billing as an industry first.

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Rancher Labs 2.5 Enables GitOps at Scale for Kubernetes

Kubernetes management platform Rancher Labs 2.0 includes a new installation experience, GitOps at scale for edge clusters, full lifecycle management of Amazon EKS clusters, and security features.

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No-Code CI/CD Platform Bridges the DevOps App Delivery Gap with Multicloud Kubernetes Capabilities

No-code continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform provider ShuttleOps announces new drag-and-drop capabilities for building and deploying Docker container images to self-managed or hosted Kubernetes clusters.

Sonatype Finds 'Typosquatting' Packages in npm

Sonatype's malicious code detection bots discovered and confirmed the presence of new vulnerable npm packages that exfiltrate/broadcast the target's IP, username, and device fingerprint info onto a public GitHub page where anyone can gain access.

SmartBear Integrates SwaggerHub and ReadyAPI

Software development and quality tools maker SmartBear today announced that it has integrated its API quality platform, ReadyAPI, with its API design and documentation platform SwaggerHub.

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CI/CD Dev Platform Provider CircleCI Unveils 'Insights' Dashboard

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform provider CircleCI today rolled out a new comprehensive dashboard feature designed to provide an overview of the health and usage of its customers' repository build processes.

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Flutter Toolkit for Windows Gets an Alpha Release

The team behind Google's Flutter cross-platform UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and the desktop from a single codebase announced the alpha release of Flutter for Windows.

"Dev-friendly" APIs and SDKs in New Azure Service Simplify Building Rich Communication Experiences

Microsoft this week unveiled the public preview of Azure Communication Services, a new platform for developers who want a simple and well-supported way to build new communications solutions or integrate them into existing applications.

Is the Pandemic Making Software Teams More Productive?

In some companies at least, software teams have seen "demonstrable benefits" from working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a newly published report.

GitHub's New Command Line Tool Goes GA

GitHub announced the general availability of its new command-line tool, GitHub CLI, which edges Hub to become the official CLI tool.

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Microsoft's Security Group Open Sources Fuzzing Framework for Azure

Microsoft enables continuous developer-driven "fuzzing" with newly open sourced tool.

Terrascan Cloud Security Gets Kubernetes Support

Cloud security provider Accurics has release an update of its free and open-source Terrascan static code analyzer with new support for Kubernetes.