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JetBrains Launches Self-Hosted Version of Qodana

Software development tools maker JetBrains has announced the availability of a self-hosted version of its Qodana code quality platform. An extension of the cloud version launched last summer, this release is also based on the static code analysis engine of JetBrains' IDEs. The platform supports native integration with both those IDEs and VS Code, allowing developers to build quality gates in any CI environment, which helps to enforce coding standards enterprise-wide.

To state the obvious, code quality platforms are tools designed to evaluate the quality of a developer's code. They provide a general assessment of the effectiveness, reliability, and maintainability of the code, as well as how well it adheres to established coding standards. High-quality code is more readable, comprehensible, and modifiable, which reduces the likelihood of errors and enhances its adaptability to changes.

With Qodana, developers can identify issues as a part of their CI/CD pipelines and resolve them from within their IDEs, ensuring the code aligns with established quality standards. This is a time-saving feature meant to enhance overall code quality and reduce the risk of security failures and production issues while accelerating the delivery of new functionality.

Since the company launched the cloud version of Qodana last year, JetBrains has been bombarded with requests for a self-hosted version, Valerie Kuzmina, Product Marketing Manager in JetBrains Qodana and IDE Services group, said in a blog post

"With Qodana, we are on a mission to create an exceptional experience for development teams, making the entire journey – from setup to result analysis and fixes – easier and more enjoyable, increasing the adoption of server-side analysis," Kuzmina wrote.

The Qodana platform was developed to address a number of factors that contribute to the low adoption of static code analysis tools among developers, Kuzmina explained, which poses risks in product quality. Server-side analysis results are either ignored or, at best, grudgingly tolerated, she wrote because of the number of false positives, conflicts with IDE inspections , misaligned code quality guidelines, convoluted setups, an inability to fix issues quickly. And outdated UIs—all leading to what she called a "suboptimal developer experience."

"Following successful Beta tests with some of our clients," she wrote, "we're now launching the first release of Qodana Self-Hosted, allowing you to manage, maintain, and upgrade Qodana entirely on your end."

Currently, Qodana Self-Hosted supports Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additional hosting options will be added in future versions, the company says. If you're interested, you can request a demo here.

Prague-based JetBrains makes a lineup of more than 30 intelligent software development tools, including the popular IntelliJ IDEA IDE for Java developers and PyCharm for Python devs. The company is also the creator of Kotlin, a popular cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose high-level programming language with type inference. The company's tools are used by more than 11.4 million professionals and 88 of the Fortune Global Top 100 companies.

Posted by John K. Waters on July 10, 2024