SmartBear Integrates SwaggerHub and ReadyAPI

SmartBear Integrates ReadyAPI and SwaggerHub

Software development and quality tools maker SmartBear today announced that it has integrated its API quality platform, ReadyAPI, with its API design and documentation platform SwaggerHub.

This integration enables ReadyAPI users to setup and manage a connection in their SwaggerHub account within ReadyAPI, and search and filter through definitions in SwaggerHub. It streamlines the process of logging in to SwaggerHub from ReadyAPI, as well as storing information for re-use when performing actions against SwaggerHub. The company is called the combined toolset "the most comprehensive, powerful API tooling for all stages of the API lifecycle."

"APIs are the anonymous underpinnings that have enabled millions to transition to working from home, connecting all their devices, and doing most of their shopping online," said Christian Wright, president and chief product officer at SmartBear, in a statement. "The design and subsequent quality of APIs have never been more important as companies further accelerate digital initiatives and fast-track API adoption due to the pandemic."

"SmartBear brings together best practices from 15 million development, quality, and API practitioners," Wright added. "Further strengthening the interconnectedness of our API solutions means further aligning our API tooling under two powerful brands – ReadyAPI and SwaggerHub – to ensure the highest quality APIs every time."

Swagger is a suite of API developer tools for teams and individuals designed to enable development across the entire API lifecycle, from design and documentation, to test and deployment. It comprises a mix of open-source, free, and commercially available tools.

The Somerville, MA-based SmartBear acquired Swagger in 2015 and open sourced the Swagger specification later that year, creating the Open API Initiative under the Linux Foundation. The project governs the evolution of the OpenAPI Specification, (the "Swagger spec"). SwaggerHub is an integrated API development platform that brings together all the core capabilities of the open-source Swagger framework, along with additional advanced capabilities to build, document, manage, and deploy your APIs.

ReadyAPI is a suite of automated testing tools used to create functional and security tests for Web service APIs. The three modules of the ReadyAPI platform have been renamed under the ReadyAPI brand as part of this new integration "to highlight the interconnectedness of SmartBear API solutions," the company said.  

SoapUI Pro API testing tool is now ReadyAPI Test, "reflecting that ReadyAPI supports RESTful, GraphQL, and other API standards in addition to SOAP." LoadUI Pro API load tester is now ReadyAPI Performance. ServiceV Pro, which allows anyone in the delivery pipeline to create powerful mocking and service virtualization, is now ReadyAPI Virtualization. The name SoapUI, the open source solution that SmartBear supports, will remain unchanged.

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