In-Depth Features

Business Intelligence Through a Clouded Crystal

Crystal Reports has dominated the market for developer-oriented reporting tools for as long as decade, but that may be about to change.

Improve Performance With In-Process Integration

In-process integration beats out other, out-of-process integration approaches in many ways. You get higher performance, more reliable integration, and better security.

New Tools Support EJB 3.0 Persistence

Check out tools for building Web apps and integrating portlets, data access and reporting products, tools that support the EJB 3.0 persistence, and more.

JavaOne Vendors Offer Open Source Tools

JavaOne exhibitors continue to showcase their offerings this week. Find out about open source products, tools for integration and distributed applications, Java IDEs, and more.

Mobile Java: The Power of Millions

With more development for mobile devices than PCs, now's the time to expand the network and capitalize on your investments, said Nokia CTO Pertti Korhonen in his keynote address at JavaOne.

New Dev Tools Showcased at JavaOne

Many vendors are exhibiting their wares--new products, new services, or new technologies--at this year''s JavaOne Conference in San Francisco. Get a glimpse of these vendor highlights.

2005 Java Community Process Roundtable

The Java Community Process sponsored a roundtable discussion at this year''s JavaOne conference. Read some highlights from this distinguished panel of spec leads on the JCP and where it's going.

Winners of JCP 2005 Awards Announced

The JCP recognizes leadership and innovation within the Java community.

Bridging the Digital Divide

In his keynote, Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy acknowledged a digital divide in today's world and asked the Java community to help eliminate it. See what else he said about Sun's future.

Infrastructure Takes Center Stage

Building a solid IT infrastructure is essential to maintaining communications in your organization. Here''s a sampling of key products vendors are showing off at TechEd 2005.

Kalido’s Master Data Management Approach Suits Big Companies

Managing data across a highly diverse organization with operations around the globe is a challenge. With operations in more than 140 countries, and more than 112,000 employees, the Royal Dutch/Shell Group provides a good example of such large-scale data management.

Traveling at a Zillion Events Per Second

SIMs collect raw data from security-related software and systems, correlate it, aggregate it and then present it in a way that makes it actionable.

Enterprise Modernization: New Life for Old Apps

Sprucing up legacy apps with a new look and feel using SOA or Web services, rather than replacing them, can provide value for years to come.